COUCH - Vocals & Tambourine

Friend to the stars, he's a multi-talented singer, actor and dancer who has many years in the West End with shows like 'Mamma Mia!' & 'Oliver!' at the London Palladium. As well as singing and dancing about, he likes to play his tambourine when the mood takes! Having recently appeared in the film 'London Road', he's a bit of a legend in his own lunchtime... so he tells us!

JON - Guitar

The guitarist (& organiser) for the band, he got into playing guitars at a very young age and has a history of playing in successful local bands. He creates a big sound with his Fender Stratocaster & Fender Hot Rod amp and although he has a definite leaning towards rock music, with a bit of persuasion he can be made to funk it up from time to time!

JNR - Drums & Synth Pad

Playing drums from a young age, he's reached the dizzy heights of having previously gigged at many prestigious London venues. Renowned as a solid & powerful drummer (as well as having an amazing array of synth sounds), he provides the driving rhythm to the band with his ever expanding Rush related drum kit!

MAURIZIO - Bass Guitar

From Italy, he's a very skillful and exceptionally talented professional player with a fabulous technique on his five string bass. Previously playing with many famous blues & jazz musicians both here in the UK & his native Italy, he is a much sought after musician, having recently played on the soundtrack to the recent smash hit film 'Dunkirk'!

BENNY - Keyboards & Vocals

A brilliant musician (able to turn his hand to most instruments) whose keyboard work really helps fill out the sound of the band. Although still at a young age, he's been a veteran of many festival stages with various Indie bands, as well as working as a part time Ed Sheeran & Prince Harry look-a-like! So we like to think...


If one of the band aren't available for an event, we have our deps to step in. As shown below, they are bass players Nick (from Cutting Crew), Clive & Jon; keyboard players Daniel & Ben & drummer Ashley.  

All brilliant musicians in their own right; it's great to have such good people in reserve!